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Meal Prep For You

Our Story


Along with personal training, Morgan offered his clients a fully healthy lifestyle program which included a daily breakdown of what each individual should be eating exercise as well to achieve their specific goals. Morgan’s passion for health, nutrition, and commitment to seeing his clients meet their goals led him to develop “Morgan’s Meals” which was later renamed “Meal Prep for You” in 2015. Michael Kent, originally a client of Morgan’s joined the business in 2016. From the outset, careful attention has been paid to every aspect of each meal – quality of ingredients, nutritional value, portion size, daily intake, and dietary restrictions are all taken into consideration to set our clients up for a higher quality of life. Since its founding, clients have loved not only the food we provide but the added convenience of not having to cook, clean, grocery shop, or second guess their nutritional plan. 




Though “Morgan’s Meals” was developed in 2014/2015 from his rental apartments, those were the years that were merely nothing more than a blur of learning to cook, grocery shopping, and asking family for help with the business. 2016/17 was our first corporate year in business. During this time, we ran solely out of an hourly rental kitchen while we completed the build of our own commercial space. As word of mouth spread it allowed us to move into our own space as well as launch our mobile app for ordering our products. The larger kitchen space, coupled with the ordering systems allowed continued growth and the opportunity to refine our business. We paid very close attention to our customers’ needs and accommodated them wherever we could. By offering a rotating menu we can feed our clients on an ongoing basis without them becoming bored of a static offering. We have had the same clients eating 3 meals/day plus snacks and treats for over 5 years which we are most proud of. 


2020/21 was an exciting year for MP4U, confident in our team and ability to pivot with the market we took the opportunity to partner with Duncan & Cameron Keith as partners. Duncan spends his off-season from the NHL in his hometown of Penticton and for the last 4 summers, MP4U has provided him with his off-season nutrition, ensuring him in the best shape to take on the upcoming season. Cameron Keith joined his brother in Penticton in 2020, moving his family from Calgary. Cameron has been much more involved in the operations and progression of our company. Being a CPA in Alberta, prior to our partnership, Cameron brings invaluable insight, strategy, and understanding of the business arena. In early 2021 we started working with franchise consultants as well as a franchise legal team to build the framework to expand MP4U throughout Canada, and eventually the U.S. Locally we purchased an additional, larger commercial space to increase our output as well as provide support to additional locations in other cities and provinces. 




With Duncan being traded to Edmonton this year, coupled with the relationships Cameron has built spending the last 17 years in Alberta, Edmonton was the next logical city to move MP4U into. Over the last 5 years, we have always had corporate expansion or franchising at the forefront of our minds. When developing our app in 2016/17 we built the framework for multiple locations and cities. Within the kitchen, we have spent countless hours perfecting our recipes and cooking procedures to ensure the trainability, accuracy, as well as consistency of our product when reproducing it. Since focusing on Edmonton we have started early conversations with like-minded businesses in the Edmonton area. We have had much success with these relationships in BC in places like Penticton, Lake Country, Vernon, and Kamloops. By March 2022 we plan to be in full swing offering our products to the entirety of the Edmonton area. With our confidence in our team, product, training programs, procedures, and branding, as well as current relationships, we are excited to bring a healthy meal program to a new city. 


On behalf of the entire Meal Prep for You team, we look forward to surprising you in the most positive way. We truly love what we do!



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